The Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope From HuntSports

 A reticle is a pattern of lines, marks or dots (or a combination of the three) in an optic’s field of view purposed as a shooter’s aiming point.

Imagine going to a sporting goods store to look for a fresh pair of sneakers. You’d like to use them to exercise but also to wear for a night out. Hard decision, right? The Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope will not give you the obstacle of having to pick between two products. With ease, you can customize your reticle settings with the new Wraith HD. The Wraith HD features 10 reticle options featuring Milrad and MOA reticles with 9 different colors to choose from. Reticle and color options give every user the option to customize their optic to their preferred style.

How to Sight in the Wraith Digital Day / Night Riflescope

Wraith Rifle Scope Watch The You Tube Video -


Watch The You Tube Video -


What is Zeroing?

Your Wraith digital day/night vision riflescope will need to be zeroed. You are able to do this with the Reticle Zero function in the menu.

Your Wraith digital day/night vision riflescope will need to be zeroed.

Zeroing, or ‘sighting in,’ a scope means aligning your point of aim with the point of impact for the bullet to hit where you want it to. If you don’t sight in your scope, you will likely miss your target. Zeroing is necessary for hunters, long-range precision shooters, competitors and anyone concerned with accuracy.

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