Whitetail Deer Shed Hunting News: best Dog For Shed Hunting



You wouldn’t use a German shepherd to hunt rabbits, but you might use a beagle. And for hunting pheasants, you probably wouldn't go with a poodle – more likely, say, a German shorthair. So what dog for shed hunting? .. read the article here:



West Nile Virus In The Ruffed Grouse Population: The results are not good.


WISCONSIN WILDLIFE WOES: FIRST CWD, AND NOW THIS? .. The DNR had asked hunters and the public to turn in dead ruffed grouse last fall in the first effort to determine if West Nile virus was present in the grouse population. Test results are in, and they're not good - read more here:



Whitetail Deer Harvest Report: Antlered Deer Are The New Trend


WHITETAIL HARVEST REPORT: ANTLERED DEER BUCKS ARE THE TREND - A national report on white-tailed deer indicates that buck harvest was on the rise while antlerless harvest fell, tipping the balance in favor of bucks for the first time in nearly two decades. So what's changing? .. see this and more in the Whitetail Report:



TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE - Illinois hunter bags a 51-point nontypical buck


I'm guessing this guy is a  "polak" like me .. but a lot more successful .. a relatively new deer hunter came up big in southern Illinois during the first weekend of the firearms deer season. The DNR has confirmed that Keith Szablewski, of Johnston City, harvested a buck with a non-typical rack of 51 points, of which at least 30 are scorable. Illinois Conservation Police Officer Justin Somers inspected the deer and confirmed the harvest.

Szablewski said he has been deer hunting for about four years .. Read more about the deer – nicknamed “SkiBuck 51” – in the Dec. 14 issue of Illinois Outdoor News.