Does the tall deer blind exterior paint matter? Should a deer blind be painted with a camouflage pattern?


Q: Does the tall deer blind exterior paint matter? Should a deer blind be painted with a camouflage pattern?

A: The sudden appearance of an elevated tower stand is not something that can be hidden from whitetail deer - however, one of the most perceptive paint schemes for deerstands has been used by BigDaddy at HuntSports - tall tower blinds finished in cloud patterns, grey and white deer stand finishes - just remember this - deer will quickly determine that the tower blind is not a source of danger and will soon ignore it altogether. A good towerblind will become a familiar part of the environment .. even for those trophy whitetails.


How does a shooting tower or deerstand help prevent the deer from seeing me and my movements?


Q: How does a shooting tower stand help prevent the deer from seeing me and my movements?

A: Whitetail deer do not see the world as we see it. Deer are designed to see in "low light" such as dawn, dusk, and night time, and to detect even the slightest motions. Think about it this way - you can't see motion behind a wall and it is virtually impossible for deer or other wildlife near a tower stand to silhouette you between windows because of angles etc. there are also other ways to minimize these possibilities such as the use of the perforated 50/50 window film as offered by HuntSports.

How do your elevated hunting stands help with scent control?


Q: How do your elevated hunting stands help with scent control?

A: Whitetail deer have millions of olfactory receptors in their nose - compare 5 million in humans and 220 million in dogs - and deer have more! The incredible nose of a whitetail's sense of smell is estimated to be 10,000 times better than ours. This extraordinary  capability represents a deer's primary line of defense - and is pretty tough to beat 100% of the time. The enclosed deerstands and tower blinds tend to limit scent dispersal. Although not totally "scent proof" - the higher off the ground you are the scent zone  is far above the deer and factored with wind velocity and direction can make the real difference in your trophy whitetail deer hunting success.

How do different blinds and stands keep whitetail deer from detecting me?


Q:    I'm tired of being busted while hunting deer - How do different blinds and stands keep whitetail deer from detecting me?

A:    Elevated deerblinds and tower stands are the ideal deer hunting stands - their elevated position conceals you from the nose, eyes, and ears of trophy whitetail deer. I'd suggest you find and read John Wootters book - "Hunting Trophy Deer," which was published in 1977, and was decades ahead of its time. 

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