Annual Alaskan Bowhunters Association 2019 ABA Info


41 St Annual Alaskan Bowhunters Association 2019 ABA Info .. Ken & Anna Vorisek have bow hunted throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, as well as Africa and New Zealand.  Living in Alaska has allowed them to hunt some of the most remote and beautiful country in North America. Anna was the first lady to complete an archery Grand Slam of North America wild sheep.


She is also the only woman to have taken all 29 North American Big Game animals with a bow and arrow. Ken has hunted with bow since childhood and has also completed his Super Slam of NA big game animals, along with taking many African and New Zealand species.

Spring Turkey Season Opens Soon In Texas


From BigDaddy at HuntSports .. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department sent this bulletin today .. all you turkey hunters may be interested in this information:   Let's Talk Turkey

An abundance of mature Rio Grande tom turkeys are predicted for this season. Turkey Program Leaders advise that early in the season, toms will still be “henned up” in early morning, so hunting will be better later in the day. He expects you'll have the best luck during the middle to latter part of the season.

Rio Grande turkey has an annual bag limit of 4 birds, and the general seasons are:


  • South Zone: 3/16 - 4/28
  • North Zone: 3/30 - 5/12
  • Special 1 turkey bag limit (10 counties): 4/1 - 4/30


Think Big Trophy Whitetails Are Elusive? .. THINK AGAIN!


I read this today .. and could not get away from the thought that deer hunters might really better understand what is being said in this message about - Contentment in Every Circumstance. In the dictionary the tem elusive means - to evade grasp or pursuit such as elusive prey .. hard to comprehend or define ... and hard to isolate or identify .. Many people think contentment is elusive, because happiness and peace never last. But is that really the reason? It’s common to associate a state of satisfaction with a positive situation  ..

.. but Paul challenges this idea when he says, “I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am” (Phil. 4:11).

Contentment isn’t something that comes naturally; it is learned. And what kind of classroom do you think God uses?


Where, When and How to Find More Shed Antlers


One of the more enjoyable late-winter activities for me is getting out with friends and family hiking in search of shed antlers. I wish I was fortunate enough to scour every square inch of the properties I hunt in search of them, but time just doesn’t allow that, and sometimes those pesky rodents beat me to them. I’ve learned a few things over the years to focus my efforts or to increase my odds of finding sheds, especially when time doesn’t allow you to cover entire properties.

It may seem oversimplified and to many is common sense, but focus your efforts looking for sheds where deer spend the bulk of their time in the winter and early spring and on days your success will be the greatest. Winter food sources, winter bedding cover and in between the two is where you need to be. Also, I typically wait for the ideal weather conditions to search to increase my odds. Here are a few tricks I’ve picked up over the years on where and when shed hunting has worked for me.


Texas Trophy Best Hunter Products and Guides Nationwide

For the very best in whitetail hunting products - it's how we're all connected.


BigDaddy asks: looking for the very best in hunting products?

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The reality is simple, Texas Hunters have been using most of these products longer than anyone .. protein feeders, fish feeders, wildlife feeders .. and elevated deerblinds and shooting tower stands and BigDaddy offers you the experience of over forty-four years of experience with these types of products - free for the asking!


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Best Whitetail Deer Feeders - BigDaddy's 2019 - "BEST OF THE BEST"

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Best Whitetail Deer Feeders - BigDaddy's 2019 - "BEST OF THE BEST"  .. Whitetail Hunting Feeders Guide: According to BigDaddy at HuntSports getting reliable and dependable deer feeders for hunting can provide the difference when it comes to whitetail deer trophy hunting - more expensive does not always equate to a better piece of equipment but it will give you better peace of mind when you are not at your hunting ground.

As a deer hunter you want to know that your investment is giving you the results that you want - quality goods at a fair price! Sure, you know the old saying - "you get what you pay for" .. so this list is provided for your considerations .. BigDaddy's recommendations for whitetail deer feeders based on over 40 Years of whitetail deer hunting .. having built feeders, bought new feeders .. tested feeders in the field and so much more!


Looking for a new publication for predator and varmint huntingt?


Looking for a Predator and Varmint Hunter’s Guidebook? .. Patrick Meitin’s newest book, “The Predator and Varmint Hunter’s Guidebook,” is a culmination of a lifetime of obsessive predator hunting and small-varmint shooting. If you are into finding in depth ideas and information on available species and where they are found .. maybe some predator calling tips .. cartridges and long-range shooting .. you might want to check this out .. Are you into shooting varmints and predators? .. shooting "long range" .. looking for best cartridges .. you can never over develop your tactics and skills for successful predator and varmint hunting! Predators and varmints offer many fun and affordable ways to enjoy the shooting sports at your hunting ground with  year round opportunities to keep you engaged in your favorite pastime. 


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SURPRISE SURPRISE - Which States Have the Most Successful Deer Hunters?


If you're old enough to remember Gomer Pyle .. and the way he always used to say .. "SURPRISE .. SURPRISE" .. then you will understand this better .. which States Have the Most Successful Deer Hunters? BigDaddy says .. worth a look see .. this article by Kip Adams -- Which region and state have the most successful deer hunters? In 2017, the Southeast took top honors with South Carolina leading the way. We determined this by surveying every state and provincial wildlife agency on the percentage of hunters who harvested at least one deer and the percentage who harvested two or more deer during the 2017 hunting season. We had similar data from 2011 and were able to compare changes across the years ..


NOTE: This article is an excerpt from our 2019 Whitetail Report. To see how your state compares to others in a whole host of deer harvest statistics and hunting trends, you can download your free copy today.

Secrets to Turkey Hunting | Who or What Can Help?


BigDaddy says .. I have never Turkey Hunted .. I'm strictly a "whitetail" hunter .. and varmints too, of course .. but all you turkey hunters just remember that like whitetails .. there is an upside if you hunt turkeys from a blind .. especially if you have a small children or grandkids that we all know, can’t sit still for very long .. and if it's raining, windy, foggy .. ground blinds can be extremely effective and useful .. and also very good for hunting in open fields where there are few or no trees. With the eyesight that they say turkeys have .. it can be very hard for a bow hunter to draw back on a bird while out in the open.


Check Out This VIdeo -





Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting USA | Wild Hogs Boars

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