Deer Blind Window Film | Perforated One Way See Thru Covering

Price: $38.88
SKU: The One-Way View


BigDaddy's "Classic View" Deerblind Window One-Way See thru Window Film Covering  - 24" x 54"  Piece.


You will be surprised with what this Classic Window Film can do for Your Deer Blind Windows! .. Clear Focus - see out but others ( and deer ) cannot see in. Product Info: 8-mil black / white composite PVC Window Film with 1.5 mm perforations and a release liner; Perforation pattern: approx. 50% perforated, 50% retained - Also Available in Standard Rolls: 18", 36" & 54" x 100 lineal feet; Master Rolls: 18", 36" & 54" x 1000' lineal feet. Exterior-mount window film can be used for printable graphics - most commonly seen on city buses, trucks and other vehicles, bus shelters, retail signage and windows, event centers and a wide variety of other applications.