Deerblind Deerstand Boxblind By Pass Slider Window Track & DIY Plans | 1/8" Plexiglass

Price: $154.66
SKU: B180-TK-36


This is enough 1/8" Black Plastic Track for up to Four (4) windows 12" H x 48" W (OD) plus a little left over in case you make a miscut!  This is the famous Quiet Track designed for the serious whitetail deerhunter that knows the value of stealth and quiet slide windows; This track system is for any type of 1/8"  thickness window material - Plexiglass, PolyGal, Glass, Tempered Glass, Lexan, Wood or other material.  

Normally shipped in 48" lengths --- and as an added BONUS YOU GET BigDaddy's Window and Deerblind Window PDF Download