XLR [Extra Long Range] RANGE FINDER | Halo 1500 Yard Ranging LongDistance

Price: $322.66


The HALO XLR - Extra Long Range - RANGE FINDER | 1500 Yard Ranging Trophy Hunter .. BigDaddy Asks? .. Are you looking for a quality range finder? .. Like those long shots .. or the "need to know" how far off?


.. then the Halo Extra Long Range, XLR1500 with 6X magnification will be the way to go. The XLR-1500 reaches further than any Halo® Rangefinder ever has before, giving rifle hunters and long-range target shooters impressive accuracy at up to 1500 yards. The simple press of a button calculates distance to target almost instantaneously, and the scan mode makes switching between targets just as easy. With 6x magnification, premium glass lenses and AI Technology™ – the XLR1500 is quite simply, the best in every category .. Angle Intelligence, Auto Acquisition, Ergonomic Design, Premium Glass Optics, Scan Mode and Water Resistance.


Package Includes: Nylon case, CR2 lithium-ion battery, Lanyard and Lens cloth

  • Maximum 1,500 yards to reflective target ranging
  • 6X Magnification and Auto Acquisition to acquire exact range immediately
  • Angle Intelligence™ calculates true horizontal distance to target at any elevation
  • Scan Mode locks in multiple targets at different yardages
  • Ergonomic design with non-slip grip
  • Premium glass lenses and Precision to +/- 1 yard
  • Water resistant and a full 1 year warranty

WATCH THE VIDEO:  https://youtu.be/I5gCjkJRRvA