Wraith - New Standard in Digital Riflescopes


Unveiling the New Standard in Digital Riflescopes: Wraith --  Sightmark is introducing the Wraith Digital Riflescopes: the future in high definition. The new Wraith digital high-definition riflescope from Sightmark has 10 different reticles and 9 color choices .. Introducing the new Wraith digital HD riflescope. The advanced 1920×1080 HD sensor provides full-color clarity in daytime; simply hit the left arrow to enable night mode with classic emerald or black and white viewing options. An included 850nm IR illuminator provides enhanced image brightness and accurate target acquisition to an astounding 200 yards. NOTE: the IR is removable for hunters who live in states where emitted light is illegal.


The Wraith allows onboard recording and video export so your favorite moments can be shared with your hunting buddies or on your favorite social media platforms. The Wraith also includes: Memory slot for up to 64GB of storage, 4 hours of battery life from 4 common AA's, Micro USB port for external power and 4-32 optical magnification; with 1-8x digital zoom.


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