Whitetail Deer are the foundation of the entire hunting industry - 10 Big Trends

10 Big Trends in the U.S. Deer Harvest .. by Kip Adams .. very intresting information for whitetail deer hunters  

White-tailed deer are the most important game species in North America. More hunters pursue whitetails than any other species, and whitetail hunters contribute more financially than any other hunter segment. Collectively speaking, whitetails are the foundation of the entire hunting industry. That’s why each year QDMA gathers data from state and provincial wildlife agencies, the nation’s leading deer researchers, and other sources to provide the only “State of the Whitetail” available: our Whitetail Report.

So, how are whitetails and deer hunters doing? There are some very positive trends occurring, and you can get the complete picture in our 2019 Whitetail Report available now for download free at QDMA.com. Some of these trends we have talked about before. For example:  Bowhunting is on the Rise .. Freezers are Being Filled Early .. Tracking Dog Legality .. Opening Day Stats .. Hunter Success .. Longer seasons .. Banning of Use of Deer Urines?