What's the "big deal" about The Blynd?

HuntSports BigDaddy says it this way!

HuntSportsBigDaddy says:


  • I know their "history" .. and they were made for deer hunters in South Texas .. By Hunters!
  • Durability in a hunting blind is important to the man or woman dedicated to whitetail hunting long term.
  • A well designed hunting blind is an important piece of hunting equipment.
  • One of the industry's most affordable deer blinds. 
  • A "best seller" for not 3 or 4 years - BUT FOR 35 YEARS! 
  • Flexibilty of use - a ground blind or with optional tower base of 5' / 10' and 15' H - the tallest in the industry.
  • Single one-man  and also two-man ( husband and wife ) blinds suitable for rifle and muzzleloader hunting. 
  • lightweight and easy to assemble and easy to "re-locate" - a must for hunters.