Ultra-M Complete Deer Wildlife Feeder Tripod Leg Base

Price: $826.66


Hunt Sports "UltraM" Complete Tripod Spincast Deer Wildlife Feeder with varmint guard and standard digital 12V Controller. Comes complete with the Three (3) Leg Tripod Only ( No Ladder Leg Assembly ) Wildlife Feeding System. 

Texas Style Unit with complete digital tripod feeder made from a 55 gallon steel drum that holds about 300 lbs of corn. Comes with the barrel, One (1) Deluxe galvanized lid, (1) internal galvanized steel funnel, (1) varmint cage, (1) belly band barrel leg support system, (1) set of three (3) 88" legs, (1) complete 12 V black box lower digital controller unit complete with "The-Timer", the 12 Volt solar panel and 12V battery - Everything You'll Need is Included.

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