Treehugger TruBark HD 100 Lb Gravity Whitetail Deer Feeder | THREE (3) PACK

Price: $130.66


THREE (3) PACK of the Treehugger TRUBark HD 100 Lb Gravity Whitetail Deer Feeder -- Dinner is served .. anytime .. all the time .. and you can bet this feeder can be used in some "out-of-the-way" places .. and using a dependable hunting feeder is one of the most effective ways to pattern and hold whitetail deer and other wildlife at your favorite hunting stand areas. Remember, according to BigDaddy at HuntSports -- deer feeders aren’t "one-size" fits all and choosing the one that works best for you, your land and your target game is important. Wildgame Innovations hunting feeders are durable and weather resistant, ranging in features, capacities and feeding schedules.


The Treehugger™ is a low-maintenance feeding solution that sets the dinner table all on its own. Built with long-lasting PVC material to construct a durable gravity feeder that attaches to any tree in under five minutes -- simply loop the integrated straps around a tree trunk and secure with the heavy-duty buckle .. fill it with corn or a roasted corn and soybean mix and the Treehugger will take care of the rest, naturally replenishing the feed .. as the deer consume it. And you can also fill it with corn, different attractants, protein, mineral or a combination that suits you.


Easy setup and a lightweight design make the Treehugger perfect for hard-to-reach areas that don't have a lot of space, like backwoods, river bottom trails, low wooded areas or swamps. Use this simple, streamlined feeder to test a potential feeding site and move it as often as you like until you find the right spot .. or set up several within range at various areas.


  • Gravity bag feeder naturally replenishes feed as it's consumed
  • Fill with corn, soybean mixes, deer attractants or mineral mixes.
  • No tools .. no batteries .. no timers required
  • Durable weatherproof material and Roll-top sealed closure
  • Integrated straps with heavy-duty buckle for secure attachment
  • Lightwegit design travels easily to new sites around your lease.
  • Great for hard to reach areas like back wood areas, river bottoms or swamp areas.
  • Patent pending design