Trailer Blind 5'× 6' ATV UTV Portable Elevated Style Whitetail Hunter Blind

Price: $5,866.66
SKU: Trailer Blinds


BIGDADDY ASKS?? .. Have you ever been whitetail trophy hunting and set up in some blind and discovered that you're seeing all kind of deer traffic and movement way out in the distance .. 800 to 1200 yards out .. from where you are located? .. I have been there many times and that's why I prefer not being tied down in some spot year after year. About half of all my deerblinds and hunting stands are fully portable - just hook up to ATV, UTV, Jeep or truck and relocate your hunting blind for the next morning hunt .. If you've never done it .. then you will be totally surprised at the increases in activity ..



  • 7' Eye Level Hunting Blind w/ 3 Stabilizer Jacks and 2" Hitch Ball

  • Torsion Axle For Smooth and easy Movements even on rough roads

  • Diamond Plate Steel Floor

  • 12" Wheels and Tires - very ATV UTV Friendly

  • Side Entry with ladder, Carpeted 6' Wall Hgt, floors and ceilings too.