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Which are the "best" Hog and Wild Boar Deer Feeder Lights? .. WOW!! So "subjective" according to BigDaddy at HuntSports who has been building hoglights for deer feeders for over 20 years.


So you’re after a good feeder light to make hunting for wild feral hogs at night a little easier? Feeder lights will make getting a clear shot with a rifle ​much easier when a hog or boar comes near your feeder to eat .. without spooking them and scaring them off. Typically hogs cannot see "color" .. so green , red or white can all be used , however, BigDaddy believes that that RED is the best LED LIGHT OPTION .. ​​when it comes to setting up feeder lights. So whether you hunt hogs with a rifle or a bow, there’s a wide variety of feeder lights available on the market, and whether you have a small budget or the willingness to invest in something heavy duty and longer lasting -  there’s several available.


Most people who supposedly "rate" the top models will compare the big name products and compare .. but seldom give you the real downside in their comparisons. They all contend to do the job .. BUT DO THEY? Most available lights all claim to be "bright" .. and all are motion activated to give you a "shot window" of 20 - 30 seconds .. they all vary in the amount and "brightness"of their LED systems .. and the effective "range" of light is suspect at best .. 30', 40', 35' etc. and LED Counts of all types from 8 to 30 LED'S .. But when you read the comments from actual hunters - NOT SO! 


Things you might consider when looking at reality is the actual brightness and the battery types used and types of LED'S .. the actual illumination range and diameter spead of lighting depends on the height of the mounted lights .. everyone talks about .. motion detection, anti spooking technology .. low to high brightness functions .. some offer adjustment settings to allow you to set the light to stay on for 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 or 15 minutes after an animal trips the motion sensor .. BUT THE LONGER IT STAYS ON .. the fater it runs down the batteries .. Dusk to Dawn Operations using a good photocell work best according to BigDaddy.


The other "BIG CON" in the game is the price vs. the long term value and many are not exactly "water-proof" no matter what they claim .. and the plastics used will break down with heat, cold and ultravilet ligyht - so your investment may not be a very good one for more than a year or so .. and the so-called "budget feeder lights" are usually exactly that .. batteries costly .. poor durability according to many users, corrosion, rain water damages etc. and how they attach to feeders ( directly above about 48" off the ground ) .. so shot viability is very diminished, according to BigDaddy.


BigDaddy contends that if you use a feederlight with dusk to dawn, with RED "low-light" activation .. the hogs, varmints and wildlife acclimate to the red light in about seven days .. then by use of REMOTE CONTROLS you can add addional light and brighter red light when you are actually hunting .. without scaring away any wildlife. Remember that motion activation might save energy and also make it more likely to scare off animals ..


Just Remember .. these things according to BigDaddy .. when is the last time you bought a rifle or bow .. to last just one short season?


  • BRIGHTNESS - can you see your feeder from 100 yards away?
  • RANGE .. and VISABILITY - for older guys like BigDaddy - this is a real issue!
  • ACTIVATION - how close or far can you be from the feeder to activate?
  • EXPENSE - Does the "old addage" apply? .. You Get What You Pay For? 
  • SOLAR RECHARGING POWER - so you have hoglights anytime you hunt?
  • FEATURES THAT MATTER - On/Off Remotes, Adequate Battery Power, Weather-Proof and Water Proof?
  • VERSATILITY - Set it up where its best for the type of hunting YOU DO!
  • POWER SOURCES - all types of battery options available.


BigDaddy's Final Thoughts - In the final analysis you're smart enough to figure out what will fit your budget .. your degree of hunting skills and how much usage you'll get for how long - so remember that a good "investment" .. pays good "dividends" .. GOD BLESS AND THANKS FOR YOUR BUSINESS .. and Questions - and you can get my PDF for $5.00 and a 100% GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION ..

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