Texas Tuff Rugged Road Feeders For ATV UTV SXS Truck Tailgate Seeder Spreader | 80 LB

Price: $346.66
SKU: Road Feeder - 80


ATV UTV SXS Pick Up Truck Tailgate Road Feeders for Foodplot Seeding, Feed Spreader [80 LB Capacity] -  Utilize this unit to spread corn or roated soybean mix, feed etc. on the roads and senderos, spread your food plot seeds .. or road salt or even granulated fertilizer in a directional path - this unit can solve multiple jobs and tasks at your hunting property.

Features Include:


  • UV stabilized rubber latch and 4-Prong Tail Light Adapter Included
  • Wireless Receiver and Adjustable Nozzle
  • 2-pc Receiver Hitch for Easy Set Up and Removal
  • Spread food plot mix, fertilizer quickly
  • Spread road salt to melt ice and snow on your driveway ( Large Salt )
  • Landscaping Help - Spread Grass and other seeds
  • Feed Corn in Senderos and Narrow Trails