Stealth Cam XV4 Scouting Trail Camera

Price: $226.66


The StealthCam XV4 is a 22MP Power Infrared "No-Glo" Camera that takes night time infrared imaging to the next level. This Next Gen High Resolution Night Imaging Game Camera has advanced image sensors to bring an impressive level of clarity & sharp detail previously not seen in infrared trail cameras - The XV4 raises the bar in night time infared imaging. The STC-XV4 minimizes grain and maximizes available light in all conditions. This is achieved in part by utilizing Stealth Cam’s new patent pending Smart Illumination Technology, where the camera automatically adjusts IR output based on changing lighting conditions. This is essential for great images during the critical transition periods of dusk and dawn - when whitetails are known to travel most to and from bedding and feeding areas.  The XV4 Utilizes an advanced circuit design and light measuring software, the XV4 is able to take lightening fast light readings and adjust the IR output as necessary.


Also available in the XV4X Model with 32 MP elsewhere on our site.


HuntSports also has all the scouting camera options and accessories you need.


  • Quick Set Features will allow you setup your scouting camera in seconds
  • Three pre-programmed options on the easy select dial
  • The XV4 also features "Rapid Fire" Burst Mode - up to 9 images per triggering
  • Designed and Engineered in the U.S.A.