Stealth Cam 8MP Infrared 30IR Deer Scouting Trail Camera | Ranch Lease Four (4) Pack

Price: $526.66
SKU: STC-G30-4Pack


The camera that started a scouting camk revolution - The original G30 is a rock solid performer that takes 8.0 megapixel images and HD video with audio along with Matrix blur reduction and a Reflex trigger to ensure you never miss a shot. BigDaddy says .. sure there are many different options to consider when buying a new trail camera .. but something so often overlooked by deer hunters is the fact that having several cameras doing the "scouting" job at the lease .. is better than one "high priced" super high resolution unit that will only cover one area.


  • TRIAD: 8.0 Megapixel with 3 resolution settings 8MP/4MP/2MP
  • HD Video recording from 5 to 180 seconds
  • 30 INFRARED Emitters and 80' Range with Reflex Trigger
  • Fast .5 Second Spped and Matrix Blur Reduction
  • New Intuitive backlit menu programming
  • Secure Lock Password Protection
  • SD Card slot up to 32GB Capacity 
  • Test Mode, Video Output, USB Output


THE BOTTOM LINE .. the Pros and the Cons .. the Best of the Best? What do you want vs. What is best for TROPHY HUNTING WHITETAILS .. and what benefits and features mean the most? .. a higher price? .. Fast trigger speed and recovery time? .. Setup? Best Bang for your Bucks? .. budget friendly? most reliable action? .. best picture quality? .. resolution options? weatherproof? memory card size? time lapse functions? temperature readings? Moon phases? .. No-Glo Infrared (no visible light) .. range and distance? .. 6MP, 8MP, 10MP, 12MP, 14MP, 20MP, 24MP, 30MP ..

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