Shadow Cam Micro Cam Lightsout | Wildgame Innovations Scouting Trail Cameras

Price: $142.66
SKU: Shadow™ Micro Cam Lightsout™


Shadow Cam Micro Cam Lightsout -- COMING SOON: JUNE 2019  - Sign up to receive an update when this trail camerica is available for purchase.

WildGame Innovations Shadow™ Micro Cam Lightsout™ wins every category when it comes to concealment. But its biggest trick is actually small -- With a footprint of just 7.5 square centimeters, the micro cam practically disappears when mounted to a tree or fence post .. so BigDaddy says: Better Make Sure You Make A Note Where You Set It Up -- I've misplaced many a scouting cam from yesr to year ..  Other Disguises: Trubark HD™ wraps the trail camera in tree-like camouflage, Silent Shield™ quiets all camera operations, and Lightsout™ technology illuminates subjects with an invisible flash. Undetected by big bucks and camera thieves alike, the Shadow Micro Cam Lightsout will be left alone to deliver incredible 16 megapixel images and HD 720p videos. It’s also simple to install, with a proprietary magnetic ball mounting bracket.



  • Unique micro shape reduces footprint for easier concealment
  • Dimensions 3" x 3" x 2"
  • Adaptive Illumination™ adjusts based on distance to target
  • Exposure Control settings for improved clarity
  • HD photo and 720p video capabilities
  • Silent Shield™ technology keeps operation quiet
  • Remains unseen with Lightsout™ invisible infrared [NO-GLOW] LED flash
  • Multi-layer dot matrix LCD for easy programming
  • Backlit display for improved visibility in low light