Pulsar Helion XP XQ Thermal Monoculars

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SKU: XP XQ Thermal Monoculars

Pulsar Helion XP Thermal Monocular

BigDaddy says that the Helion Series of XP and XQ Thermal Imaging Devices and Imagers covers the gamut of professional and semi-professional applications and users -- from Whitetail and Mule Deer Hunting and Scouting enthusiasts to Wildlife Surveying by Ranch and Lease Managers .. to Law Enforcement, Fire Departments and  Life Rescue Operations personell -- not to mention the hunting year round for varmints like: Coyotes, Bobcats, Foxes, Racoons, Wild Boars, Ferel Pigs, Cougers and Lions.  


The focus of the objective lens is very important for thermal imaging devices since it influences such optical parameters as magnification and field of view. Thermal detection also depends on the focus of objective lens of the thermal optic device. Different applications and goals require different parameters of the objective lenses. Nowadays thermal imaging has gained many fans due to its numerous advantages over classic night vision devices. The first and the main difference that underlies all benefits of thermal vision scope is its basic principle of operation. The detector can perceive even the slightest differences in temperature of various objects. The signal from the  detector is processed in electronic modules of thermal imaging devices and transferred to the screen. Temperature difference between the object and the background can often count up to a few dozen degrees and because of that on the screen the object is greatly distinguished from the background.



  • Viewing & Detection Ranges - XP50-1968 Yards | XP38-1476 Yards  | XP28-1093 Yards
  • High Resolution Thermal Imaging Sensors - 640x480 @ 17 µm
  • Mobile Friendly Remote Control and Live Internet Streaming Options
  • Link Wi-Fi with Android and iOS based mobile units using Stream Vision App
  • Stream Vision Software: footage in the real time mode
  • Variations in the Color Palettes - favorite “white hot” and “black hot” plus more
  • Colorized Temperature Mapping: White Hot, Sepia, Violet, Ultramarine, Rainbow and others
  • Built-In Video Recorder - enables shooting and image capturing at the time of observation
  • Video and Photo Files - 150 min video or ˃10 000 pictures 
  • Power Supply System B-pack quick detach, rechargeable, 8 hrs. of operation
  • Stadiametric Digital Rangefinder: distance measuring to observed objects
  • Variable Digital Magnifications: up to 8x depending on model
  • High Image Frequency: (50 Hz)
  • Fully Waterproof - Helion Thermal Scopes Have IPX7 Degree of Protection
  • Updatable Software - Stream Vision App
  • External Power Supply: Helion makes charging fast and easy with a micro-USB jack
  • User Friendly Interface and Display Off: Function level of camouflage (no light)
  • Wide range of operation temperatures: -25°C
  • Wireless remote control (optional) when convenience means taking hands-off the controls.