Photocell 6V Deer Feeder Package | Dawn Dusk Automatic Simple Set Up

Price: $82.66


Nothing beats the satisfaction of a father and son (or daughter) building their very own deer feeder and then setting it up and seeing those whitetailed deer and other wildlife coming to feed - TRUST ME I KNOW! This particular package is a very simple, inexpensive and easy way to do just that! Every thing you need is INCLUDED .. INCLUDING BIGDADDY'S HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN FEEDER PLANS IN PDF FORMAT .. INCLUDED is the AH-EKit Feeder, 30581 with 6V SOLAR PANEL, 6V Battery and Plans PDF


Operates on one 6 volt spring top battery - BATTERY INCLUDED
Unit Feeds at daylight, and again up to 12 hours later.
Has adjustable feed rates from 1 to 30 seconds
Metal downspout powder coated black
High torque 6V motor system and dusk and dawn Photocell technology
Galvanized metal mounting bracket and slinger