Ladder Stand Two Man | Big Bubba 16' H Treestands | 500 Lb Capacity

Price: $214.66
SKU: BigBuddy-2Person


This Big Game Buster .. 16' H, Big Bubba Ladder Tree Stand will put you and your hunting partner above the keen sense of smell that those trophy whitetails have .. you can take your son or daughter .. or sweetheart up for some real-life hunting lessons .. With this BigGame 16' H, BigBuddy LadderStand there's plenty of room for two .. You get a nice, sizable platform with more than enough room to stretch out your legs and the padded seat is super comfortable. Flip-up shooting rail provides a perfect sniper's perch for increased opportunities and accuracy.


  • Steel construction for years of durable use
  • 16' Height to shooting rail
  • 17" X 38" W foot platform
  • A comfortable Flex Tek seat - 20" H
  • Flip Up, padded shooting rail for steady shooting
  • 38" W X 18" H backrest
  • Three (3) single-rail ladder sections for easy climbing
  • Adjustable support bar
  • 500 Lb. Weight Capacity
  • Includes one (1") ratchet strap and Two (2) 1" stabilizer straps
  • Includes Two (2) Each 4-pt. full-body safety harnesses