Interesting Article QDMA - 10 Weird Whitetails Join The Freak Deer Collection

April 17, 2019 By: Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Because our messages and mission are founded on proven science, QDMA has built a reputation over 31 years for knowledge and credibility – which means, among other things, that our members turn to us when they encounter something they can’t explain. We could almost staff a full-time Department of Mysteries just to respond to queries about weird whitetails, unexplained deer behavior and other phenomena. Sometimes we have an answer for these queries, but many times we can only provide guesses. Diagnosing injuries, diseases and deformities from photos is often impossible. Meanwhile, we have a growing file folder of weird whitetails. Here are some recent additions to the menagerie and a few older photos from the vault that we’ve never shared before.

Read and see some wierd photos for these: On The Ropes - Hunters were surprised to find a length of old rope tangled around the buck’s antler, but more than that – another buck’s antler was also tangled in the rope and dangling from the buck’s head!

Mystery Cysts .. The Devil Buck .. Unibrow Sheds .. Double Bubble .. One-Antlered Buck .. Antlered Doe .. Snubnose .. Sideways Sniffer .. 
Dual Flags .. and more. Got questions about weird deer or anything else deer related? We’ll do our best to help! Use Ask QDMA to contact us. And consider helping us expand our hunter education efforts even further by becoming a supporting member of QDMA today.


On The Ropes