Hanging Deer Feeder Package | Hang'em High Tri-Pod Basics | Free PDF Plans Included

Price: $226.66


INCLUDES: One (1) Hanging Bail Assembly w/ 1000 Lb. Pulley
INCLUDES: One (1) 1200 Lb Winch Assembly with Steel Cable and Hook
INCLUDES: One (1) Single Wheel Pulley, 1000 Lb.
INCLUDES: One (1) 55 Gal Barrel Band 3-Leg Assembly
INCLUDES: One (1) Easy Open Lid For 55 Gallon Feeder, AHL-II
INCLUDES: One (1) 55 Gallon Polyethylene Funnel FP-001
INCLUDES: BigDaddy's PDF DIY "How-To" Feeder Plans


BigDaddy says: You can build the best crank up tripod feeder yourself! These are the most durable parts you can use with a 55 gallon barrel or drum that you supply. ( NOT INCLUDED ); You will also supply the length / height of legs to fit your needs - just remember, the higher the spinner is .. the greater the broadcast diameter pattern. Simply crank unit down .. lift off the lid .. fill from ground level .. replace lid and crank back up - No leaky lids and no more climbing ladders or trying to fill feeders from your tailgate. 12V and 6V Control Units with digital timer, battery and solar panels can be included - along with other options for various hunting situations.



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