Drop Tube Feeder Systems 55 Gallon | Barrel Drum PVC Set Ups | DIY PLANS PDF'S

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Protein, Corn, Soybeans, Roasted Soybean Mixes, Protein Pellets and Protein Mixes - If you're looking for a drop feeder kit assembly for a 55 gallon barrel or drum, plastic feeder barrel type of  "Bolt-On"  ..  maybe a "3 Way" or Four Way Feeder Head Extended Tube feed station system ideal for use with a tripod or quadpod leg system with an adjustable delivery systems.


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  • BigDaddy's DIY PVC Deer feeder Guide PDF

  • BigDaddy's DIY 55 Gallon Tripod Deer Feeders

  • BigDaddy's DIY Mineral Supplement & Food plot Information PDF

  • BigDaddy's DIY 55 Gallon Barrel Band PDF

  • BigDaddy's DIY Feeder Leg Bracket PDF

  • BigDaddy's DIY Steel Feeder Feet Diagrams PDF