Complete Solar "FOUR PACK" Dawn Dusk Photocell Deer Feeder Controls 6V

Price: $442.66
SKU: AP-WGI-1023


RANCH and FARM - FOUR PACK (4) Units - Six Volt Photocell Deer Feeder Controllers ( dawn / dusk ) WGI Model # HSTH6VP

FOUR (4) Pack - 6V Rechargeable Batteries Included

FOUR (4) Pack - 6V Solar Panel Included 


Wildlife Feeder Control, with Photo-cell Electronics ( Dawn / Dusk ) - 2 available feed times per day with adjustable "feed time duration" s from 1 to 20 seconds. LED indicator for motor current testing and large stand alone "test" button. Circuit board is fully enclosed in a weather resistant housing with a protective gasket.  Rugged Photo-Eye  attached to wire lead for ease of use.