6×6 Economy Elevated Trailer Blind | UTV ATV Truck Pull Blind | Whitetail Hunting Blind

Price: $8,098.66
SKU: 6' X 6' Elevated Trailerblind


Think About It -- Have you ever been whitetail trophy deer hunting and all set up in a blind just to discover as you glass all over the area that you're seeing all kinds of buck and doe movements way out there in the distance about 900 to 1200 yards out??


What do you do? I have been there many times over the years at various ranches and leases .. and that's why I prefer being near to the action during the rut! About half of all my deer hunting blinds and stands are fully mobile trailer blinds - I can just hook up to ATV, UTV, or truck and relocate the hunting blind for the next mornings hunt .. safely, quickly and EASY! If you've never done it this way - trust me you'll be in for the surprise of your life! 



  • 6' X 6' Size with 8' "Eye-Level" - Blind sits 3' Off the trailer.
  • Trailer can haul additional 500 lbs - corn, soybean mix etc.
  • Has Stabilizer Jacks and Torsion Axle for Smooth Ride.
  • Designed for rough ranch roads and terrain.
  • Diamond Plate Steel Floor and 15" Wheels w/5 Ply Tires
  • Blind can be removed from trailer & used as a stationary blind with Optional Bases.
  • Easy Climb Stairs w/handrail for safety
  • Four (4) Tie-down rings and Window covers for travel
  • Other Options: Combo Windows
  • DOT Approved and Accommodates: 1 to 2 People
  • Made in the USA