4' x 6' High Roller Fiberglass Deerblind | Deer Hunting Stand: Standard Green

Price: $2,206.66


4' x 6' Rifle Hunting Blind - Whitetail Deerblind, Deerstand with available Tower Base Options; The "HIGH ROLLER" by BGS is a fiberglass hunting blind with big features for every deer hunter; The base unit is the standard Green and features the 180 Degree Front View for a fantastic panoramic view; The full-framed 24" wide "RV-Style" Door on the 6' side. It comes standard with quiet action, flip-up style real glass windows ( not plastic ) .. and the composite lifetime floor .. instead of a regular plywood floor;  All tower sizes are available [5' and 10' H] and each comes with the porch [door access landing] .. stairway and hand rails ( for safety and peace of mind ); The 10' High Base Tower is fully "X-Braced" ; The HighRoller is also available in the RealTree Camo and all the other optional upgrades you may be searching for: Premier Windows, The Ranch Package, Five (5') and Ten (10') foot bases are also available;  RANCH PACKAGE - includes carpet, premier sliding windows, magazine rack, and utility hooks;   




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