12 Volt Waterproof Dusk Dawn Hoglight Automatic Photocell Switch

Price: $70.66
SKU: NW-12V-10A


This 12 Volt, Waterproof Dusk to Dawn Hoglight Automatic Photocell Switch is completely waterproof, and very small 1" x 1" x 1" and can be mounted on the surface of your battery box; Power consumption is always a concern on 12V battery powered hog light systems and it is designed to use an extremely small amount of power in standby mode  yet it is capable of supplying up to 10 amps of load current. Completely waterproof for outdoor mounting (surface mount with 2 small screws - screws not included). Installation instructions included. Use to turn 12 Volt DC LED lights ON automatically in the evening within 30 Minutes of sunset, and OFF in the morning within 30 minutes of sun rise. The circuitry is designed to prevent flickering therefore it can be used to control 12 Volt DC L.E.D. lights. Two (2) year manufacturers warranty.