Digital Kenco Feeder Parts | 6V 12V Board Replacement Substitute | Control Board Sub

Price: $58.66


Well By Now .. you already know there are no more Kenco Feeder Replacement Parts .. no 6V or 12V Mother Board Replacements .. so if you want to keep using your old KENCO Tornado Feeders, Smart timer Feeders, LifeTimer feeders and Straight Shooter Kenco Feeders .. you'll need to be a bit creative.


BigDaddy says:  You can use this unit to replace the old circuit board. You might not have as many feeding time options as the originals but few people ever used them all anyway .. but this unit will give you an extra large LCD viewing screen and allow you to set up your KENCO feeder .. This digital timer is easy to use .. and offers feedings from 1 to 6 times per day for 1 to 30 seconds per activity .. The in line fuse system prevents the electronics board from being blown from an electrical surge. Runs off the 6V or 12V feeder battery so it never requires an extra battery to maintain it's function.  Works with either 6 or 12 volt systems. NOTE: These timer designs change from time to time so you may not receive the exact one as shown.