Walkers Game Ear Hunting Products - PowerMuff Digital Quads Ear Muffs

SKU: 1109


This is the top model that Walker’s Game Ear has to offer! It is capable of enhancing the sound environment nine times and has 50DB of power. The 4 channels give you a 360° digital hearing range with 30dB of enhancement and 110db output power. The Digital Muffs are coated in a Nano-Tech Water repellant coating. The Sound activated compression (SAC) circuit senses a sudden loud sound and compresses the amplification of that sound to a safe level with a reaction time of 32MS, reducing the risk of damage to your hearing.

Other Features:  

Adjustable Frequency Tuning - AFT

Two independent volume controls

Noise reducing rating, NRR 24dB

Power source 2 Energizer®  ‘AAA’ batteries (included)

Price: $298.88