Deer Aging Tools B&C Antler Scoring Tool Package

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Ultimate Deer Aging Game Management Tools For Deer Hunters

Don't Be Without This Ideal Package For experienced guides, outfitters, trophy deer hunters, lease land managers and land owners, farmers and ranchers, game biologists, and hunting sportsmen! This molded tool is from actual jaws of North American white-tailed deer! THIS SUPER "DEER HUNTER" Package Includes the Aging Kit AND The Trophy score(TM) System Package for Your Scouting Camera Pictures. NEVER BEFORE OFFERED - this HuntSports Exclusive Offer is Limited To Stock On Hand!

Part # 1 - the Field Guide to Aging and Scoring White-tailed Deer INCLUDES:

  • Quick & easy way to age harvested white-tailed deer
  • No training or experience necessary, simply match tooth wear pattern to the Deer Aging Tool
  • Eight separate age classes (1½-8½ years of age)
  • Ideal for hunters, landowners, ranchers, biologists, etc.
  • Molded from actual jaws of North American white-tailed deer
  • Includes: The Pocket "Field Guide" to Aging and Scoring White-tailed Deer.
  • Upon harvest, view the lower right jaw and simply match the tooth wear pattern.

Includes Deer Aging Tool, Field Aging Guide, Instructional DVD, Carrying Ring and Camouflage Case

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