Non-Typical Big Boss Buck Protein Feeder Gravity Earth Top Notch Supreme System

SKU: 1624

The 350lb. capacity hopper has a thick wall of HDPE UV Protected plastic that will not rot, rust or leak! With our Patented Free Choice Protein / Gravity Head you get the most moisture resistant free choice feeding system available on the market today ! -Holds 350# Corn (approximately)
-Holds 300# Large Protein Pellets (approximately)
-Free Choice Protein 3-way feeding height 36".
-All galvanized hardware
-Converts from protein to spin feeder in minutes!!
-Feed tubes have 10° Angle
-Feed tubes have 1" overlap on top of each Port
-Feed tubes are 10" long and 4" I.D.
-Each Port has a drain hole
-Feeder dimensions: 34x34x32



Price: $433.33