Bison Leather Rifle Rest - (Filled) Large Light Leather Dark Band

SKU: 2805

The bison has long symbolized the American frontier spirit.  This animal is renowned for endurance and strength. Our 100% American Bison products are made by American craftsman who take pride in creating each bag to last a lifetime.

Each bag is made from top grain bison leather, with a distinctive grain that varies throughout the skin, making each bag unique and gaining beauty with age.

American Bison bags are made to withstand cuts and punctures and years of abuse, yet remain supple to the touch, forming to the shape desired without damaging your stock.  The vegetable tanning process ensures no corrosive effect to the guns bluing like chromium tanning used on cheaper leathers.  Double stitching ensures no leaks from thread breaks caused by movement of coarse sand.

American Bison shooting bags all come with an EZ Pour™ spout for no hassle, no mess filling or refilling.  Empty your bag for easy travel and storage.  Less weight and avoid mold forming on your medium (or rodents eating through the leather!) if moisture forms on the medium during storage.

Our anti-skid bottom ensures a steady platform on any surface.  And it is waterproof so your filling media resists mold.

Now the bag with the finest materials, workmanship and design comes with a Five Year warranty.


Price: $98.88