Where the Battle Is Won - Reflections on the Season at Hand

The story of Jesus pleading with Our Father should be meaningful to all men .. because His humanity becomes evident to us in our life's conflicts and struggles ..


As I read this today .. and remember the story of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane .. I am always reminded of my weakness and lack of prayer for all those in need .. Jesus' own humanity and love for us all becomes so evident .. as He reacts to His imminent ordeal - maybe today .. ask Him to help you relate to His message .. for myself, I beg forgiveness for all my weakness ..


Where the Battle Is Won

Matthew 26:36-46


Whitetail Deer are the foundation of the entire hunting industry - 10 Big Trends

10 Big Trends in the U.S. Deer Harvest .. by Kip Adams .. very intresting information for whitetail deer hunters  

White-tailed deer are the most important game species in North America. More hunters pursue whitetails than any other species, and whitetail hunters contribute more financially than any other hunter segment. Collectively speaking, whitetails are the foundation of the entire hunting industry. That’s why each year QDMA gathers data from state and provincial wildlife agencies, the nation’s leading deer researchers, and other sources to provide the only “State of the Whitetail” available: our Whitetail Report.

If you are an avid whitetail enthisiast or hunter - LOOK AT THIS Article

The Seneca White Deer Herd

April 3, 2019

One of the most interesting things about whitetails is the great variety in their appearance. Regional differences in size and anatomy, the seemingly limitless variations in antler characteristics and occasional abnormalities like vestigial ivory teeth have long fueled fascinating conversations around deer camp.

Whitetail Deer Hunting State Laws and Changes for 2019 DOW DNR

Check out all the laws and changes in your states wildlife regulations for 2019 - all states DOW and DNR department sites here online.

If you're hunting whitetail deer this coming deer season .. you might want to check out all the laws and changes in your state wildlife regulations -- BigDaddy says: Don't be caught By Surprise -- you can view all the states Department of Wildlife [DOW] and the Department of Natural Resources [DNR] for any changes and additions to any regulations for Fishing Reports, Hunting & Fishing License requirements and costs, draw registrations, free and public hunting lands, Hunting Seasons and dates for deer, turkey, pheasant, quail, dove .. and other types of wildlife, Boating Registrations and Guidelines etc.